Contactless Authentication

With Secure ID, an organization can identify and manage people using just their smart devices. Secure ID is a platform which helps you build your credential management remotely and keeping important information at your fingertips. It provides advanced authentication and security measures that have little or no impact on the digital customer experience.

  • First Line of Defence

    SDAP is your First Line of Defence that helps to build an efficient governance, risk and compliance program.

  • Single Use

    Our secure token is a dynamic number that provides an exact virtual representation of various electronic identity mechanisms cards. One ID can be used only once and destructs itself in a few seconds or immediately after use.

  • Offline

    It is the world’s only offline solution hence there is no need of any network for generating a Secure Token

  • Convenience

    SDAP is easy to use, anytime, anywhere and on any device. A great way for your organization to improve the security as well the user experience.

  • Confidentiality

    User’s Credentials do not flow online and thus are safe.

  • Cost Savings

    No physical cards, No cost of compliance, No investment in hardware.

  • Green Solution

    As no physical cards are issued, there is no plastic waste generated. Also, you never lose a card.

Our Solutions

A secure ecosystem is the result of an integrated security system to both hardware and software form as well as the network over which the communication happens.

Secure Token

Secure Token is an offline OTP authentication solution

Virtual Super Card

US patented algorithm used to create a dynamic card number

Key Highlights

A safe and secure identification and authentication mechanism that uniquely authorizes the user

High Security Systems

Dynamic Business Demands a new approach to Networking and Security. MTL Virtualization solutions contain advanced features to enhance user experience and provide a secure platform.

Customized client-centric solutions

We offer customized services, exclusive to the clients’ requirements, providing a positive product & service experience and building relationships.

Platform Solutions

Capitalize on your users’ devices to prevent frauds on Network level. Patented technology that uses our proprietary algorithm to work across devices and platforms

Future Ready and Dynamic

We stay ahead of time and provide Solutions to Tomorrow’s problems today. The Solutions are constantly updated to match compliance /regulatory requirements without service interruptions.

Leave your ID cards in the Past

By introducing this disruptive technology, MTL offers a unique opportunity for issuers to mitigate risk and at the same time gain market share and increase transaction volume and revenue.

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