About Secure Token

An efficient solution for the distribution, activation and reuse of tokens that is critical to strong and reliable authentication allowing an institution to establish an enterprise-wide authentication policy that protects its most valuable applications, resources and information.

Algorithm is unique to every user and every device and is independent of the network as one can generate their own offline OTP and thus prevents fraud of OTP being compromised over any network hacks.

Product Highlights

Works Offline
Increased Efficiency
Shield Against Frauds
Self Destructs

Secure Token Use-Cases

Eliminates OTP via SMS

Eliminate your dependency on telecom service providers by generating the otp at the customer’s end

  • Support multi-channel scalability, net banking, mobile banking
  • Gives you 100% authentication assurance
  • Eliminates customer transaction time-outs
  • Reduces transaction time to a matter of seconds
  • Saves 30% on existing SMS costs
  • Helps gain more business through internet banking and e-commerce

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