About Virtual Super Card

A quick, highly secure way of making e-commerce payments and contactless transactions

Reduce the risk of card fraud by replacing the sensitive consumer credit/debit card number with a single-use, dynamic number that can be generated by the user anytime, anywhere. The virtual number looks and functions like any other card number but cannot be reused by anyone. It also reduces the personal health risk that arises from direct contact while making transactions.

Product Highlights

Device & platform agnostic
GDPR & PDPR Compliant

Product Use-Cases

Eliminates the physical card

There is the looming threat that card numbers are being compromised during online transactions. This results in decline of card usage and millennials opting for Cash on Delivery. You can increase your Debit Card transactions by eliminating the customers’ fear by using our Virtual Dynamic Card with self-destructing card numbers.

  • Patented high security single-use dynamic number
  • Offline Solution, as Miri CARD can be generated without connecting to any Network
  • Recurring payment card
  • One-time activation - Strong seed data encryption method
  • Built-in 2FA (two-factor authentication)
  • Forensic/Security tools to identify last legal user

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