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Welcome to Manipal Business Solutions -
Where Values Shape Our Culture

At MBS, we believe that a strong and vibrant company culture is the cornerstone of our success. We don't just create products; we create an environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and personal growth. Our commitment to cultivating an exceptional company culture is rooted in our core values, which we fondly refer to as VOIICE: O-Ownership, I-Innovation, I-Inclusion, C-Customer Trust, E-Excellence.


Guiding Principles That Define Us

Our values are the compass that guides our decisions and actions every day. We understand that our collective success depends on upholding integrity, honesty, and respect in all our interactions. With a shared commitment to these values, we create a supportive and empowering atmosphere that encourages each team member to flourish both professionally and personally.


Empowering Every Individual

At MBS, we believe in taking ownership of our work and the impact we make. We empower our employees to take initiative, make informed decisions, and contribute proactively to the growth of the company.


Nurturing Creativity and Progress

Innovation is the beating heart of our organization. We encourage a culture of curiosity and constant improvement, where team members are inspired to challenge the status quo and explore new horizons. Whether it's pioneering technological advancements or finding inventive solutions to complex challenges, our culture of innovation empowers us to lead in a rapidly evolving world.


Celebrating Diversity in All Its Forms

Diversity is at the heart of our success. We recognize that unique perspectives fuel creativity and drive our company forward. Inclusion isn't just a checkbox; it's a fundamental aspect of our culture. We're committed to fostering an environment where every individual's background, experiences, and ideas are not only valued but celebrated, resulting in a harmonious and dynamic workforce.


Customer Trust
Building Lasting Relationships

We understand that our customers' trust is the foundation of our existence. Our culture is centered around delivering exceptional experiences and outcomes for our clients. With integrity, reliability, and a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction, we build strong relationships that stand the test of time.


Striving for the Highest Standards

Excellence isn't just a goal; it's a way of life at MBS. From the smallest tasks to the grandest endeavors, we approach each challenge with a dedication to achieving the utmost quality. Our culture of excellence drives us to continuously improve, learn from our experiences, and push the boundaries of what's possible.

MBSador : Making a Difference Every Day

We take immense pride in our team members, and we've coined the term "MBSador" to honor their outstanding contributions. An MBSador isn't just an employee; they are an embodiment of our culture - a beacon of VOIICE. They lead by example, inspire others, and champion our values both within the company and beyond.

Join Our VOIICE!

At MBS, our VOIICE culture isn't just a buzzword; it's a living, breathing ethos that shapes our identity and drives our success. We invite you to be a part of our vibrant community, where your unique talents will find a home and your aspirations will be nurtured.

Discover the power of VOIICE at MBS. Together, we'll build a future fueled by values, ownership, innovation, inclusion, customer trust, and unwavering excellence.

People & Culture

Kamal Kishor Gupta

Vice President - Software Services

Manipal Business Solution

Manipal Business Solutions believes in providing equal and open opportunities to all employees to grow within the ecosystem aligned with individual roles and the organization’s goal. Each one of us in the organization sees that connection and get a lot of energy out of the work.

I feel this importance, dignity, and meaning in my work. The real competitive advantage of our organization is - “We the People”.

Kavita Mitra

AVP - Human Resource

Manipal Business Solutions

Manipal Business Solutions provides its employees with an inclusive and collaborative work environment that encourages creativity, engagement, and communication.

Empowering, Enriching, and Employee friendly - that encapsulates the work culture at Manipal Business Solutions.

Tanu Krishna

Business Head - Digital Lending

Manipal Business Solution

Our culture inspires innovation and creativity!

It motivates every individual to dream big and contribute freely without any fear of failure or judgment. Our culture welcomes rapid changes and is built on a strong value system.

Saud Ahmad

Fi Operations

Manipal Business Solutions

Manipal Business Solutions has created a winning organizational culture which is firmly aligned with our core values and mission that keeps our employees engaged.

Our leadership has developed a positive culture that fosters trust, respect, and dignity. We empower employees to grow within the organization and take ownership of ideas and projects.

Lekha Bitra George

Senior Manager

Manipal Business Solutions

Manipal Business Solutions fosters a work culture that encourages ideation and implementation of outof-box solutions to address common bottlenecks faced by customers!

Anuj Khanduja

VP and Product Head

Manipal Business Solution

Manipal Business Solutions provides an open culture and opportunities to learn, grow, and recognize each other's contributions. This trickles down from top to bottom with a clear vision and direction of what you are trying to do and bringing in people who can execute.

Asif Khan

Marketing Head

Manipal Technologies Limited

Manipal Business Solutions is accelerating India's fintech revolution with its solid products and solutions. It's amazing to work on quality projects transforming everyday lives.

The leadership team is very supportive and open to new ideas. A friendly and cohesive work environment helps in delivering the right customer experience.


Senior Manager - Operations

Manipal Business Solutions

We believe in a learning culture wherein we relentlessly refine our skills and knowledge as a team and individuals.

Our company always thrives in providing a better opportunity to every individual and ensures that we have a meaningful impact on society.

Jay Goel

Business Head - SahiPay

Manipal Business Solution

MBS working environment is very flexible and supportive. There is clarity in professional relationships, openness in communications, a comfortable workplace, a peaceful environment, and tremendous growth opportunities.

The organization has strong work ethics, offers perfect work-life balance, and provides a rich learning experiences to the employees.

Rajesh Upadhyay

Head – VAS

Manipal Business Solution

MBS inspires and create future business leaders..

Passion to accomplish is inscribed in our team values, which helps every member to achieve the desired business goals within a stipulated time frame and enjoy the reward of success...

Umesh Upadhyay

Regional Head – SahiPay

Manipal Business Solutions

What I like about my job in MBS is the liberty to create a workspace where I can nurture and grow myself as well as my team. Hence my selection in the MBS team made this journey Supreme.

Anuj Arora

Senior Manager - Strategic Initiatives

Manipal Business Solutions

At MBS, employees have the freedom to take actions that they believe are best for the company's vision. There is independence to innovate, learn, and improve. This open culture translates into individuals proposing and owning up to new initiatives.

Arun Rabra

AVP - Software Services

Manipal Business Solutions

I love working in Manipal Business Solutions because of the friendly and enthusiastic environment.

Manipal Business Solutions is a very innovative technologies driven company that promotes growth in every department. The company also enable its employees to learn and achieve something new everyday.

Raju Upadhyaya

Head - Facility & Admin

Manipal Business Solutions

A customer-first approach makes Manipal Business Solutions special and unique in fintech industry.

The culture of the organization empowers all the employees to contribute and accomplish their goals in lines with mission and vision of the company to become industry leaders in the changing global scenario.

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