About Securias

The stakes around security and compliance are higher than ever. Hundreds of visitors to your organization every day means that you are constantly exposed to the risk of potential threats to your employees, production lines, and intellectual property on a daily basis.

In a survey, 48% people said that they have had a bad experience in the office lobby; 85% are uncomfortable with the level of personal data shared during their visit; and 62% have confessed to looking at who’s checked in before them when signing a logbook. In recent times, keeping a physical logbook has also involved the risk of transmission of viruses.

Product Highlights

Time Bound
Green solution
Logbook entry eliminated

Securias Use-Cases

Protects visitors’ credentials

Securias tokens can be issued instantly and used instantly. Securias is customizable and contains advanced security and validation features that protects a visitor from Information in paper log books being vulnerable to getting compromised.

  • Public & Religious Monuments
  • Buildings
  • Stadiums
  • Hospitals
  • Offices

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