About Secure ID™

A secure token helps you build your credential management remotely and keeping important information at your fingertips. It provides advanced authentication and security measures that have little or no impact on the digital customer experience.

Dynamic Virtual ID System is a contactless, easy-to-use, safe and secure identification and authentication solution that uniquely identifies and authenticates the user, ensuring identity protection and security.

Product Highlights

GDPR & PDPR Compliant
No Inconvenience or Delays
2FA/MFA Compliant

Secure ID Use-Cases

Make your credentials fool-proof

Secure ID can be issued instantly and used instantly. Secure ID is customizable and contains advanced security and validation features that protect a transaction from a host of attacks and frauds like skimming, counterfeits due to theft or loss, Phishing sites, MITM (man in the middle) attacks etc.

  • Single Use: Every Secure ID is a dynamic number that provides an exact virtual representation of various electronic identity mechanisms cards. One ID can be used only once and destructs itself in a few seconds or immediately after use.
  • Convenience: Secure ID is easy to use, anytime, anywhere and on any device. A great way for your organization to improve the security as well the user experience.
  • Passwords are history: Secure ID can be used to login into Applications securely without a password. So, remembering passwords is history.
  • Cost Savings: No physical cards, No cost of compliance, No investment in hardware
Gives your users the peace-of-mind

Secure ID Caters to your entire organization’s credential management to boost security from a single platform.Static login credentials are never used at the online point of access and are not transmitted across the Internet, effectively neutralizing the malware programs.

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