Rural Extension Branches

Digital banking and payments has increased multifold in urban areas and metros but not so much in rural areas of India. MBS is striving to bridge that gap and make banking and technology more accessible in the hinterlands. Providing access to banking services is an important keystone of the socio-economic development of any country while boosting prosperity.

Banks can achieve both cost optimization and operational efficiency through this model as Ultra-thin Banking branches set-up and managed by MBS are at 1/3rd the cost, yet garner 4 times the transactions.

REB Model

Manipal Business Solutions’ REB model has proven to be the balance between providing banking services to underbanked regions and costs that go along with these geographies.

REB is built on the network of well-trained manpower with over 140+ rural extension branches for some leading private banks in India

  • Ultra-thin and cost effective branches

    A cost effective solution for banks where they need not set up physical branches. Instead the REBs would be set up and managed by MBS

  • Fully compliant

    PCI certified, technology integrated, ultra-thin branches with Rural Branch management at a fraction of the cost in underbanked areas.

  • Well-monitored administration structure

    MBS upholds 3-tier supervisory structure for continuous monitoring of the agents including surprise checks, inspections and CCTV cameras to maintain healthy operations

  • Presence Across Nation

    Due to the nature of REBs, they can be setup anywhere, even in the most remote locations including Eastern and North Eastern parts of India

  • Seamless Service

    MBS provides trained manpower to manage the REBs while ensuring seamless service to customers

  • Low-cost Delivery Channels

    Fixed Monthly Cost for the Bank Per REB Per Month makes this solution approximately 1/3 the cost of a bank setting up their own brick and mortar branch

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