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Press Release 22-06-2022
SahiPay Empowers Rural India, Spreads Awareness and Adoption of Insurance

SahiPay, a high-tech, smart, and secured digital platform of Manipal Business Solutions is driving the fintech revolution by offering easy access to insurance and banking products in the semi-urban and rural parts of the country.

Media Article 31-03-2022
Role of Government Bodies and FIs in Accelerating Financial Inclusion

India has seen unprecedented growth in digital services across the nation due to an increase in internet penetration and availability of necessary infrastructure.

Media Article 30-03-2022
How effective are merchants network in the digital age

The word ‘digitalization’ is taking the world by a storm, opening new possibilities in the realms of accessibility, device capability, and monetization through various platforms and support systems.

Media Article 28-03-2022
The Embedded Fintech Revolution Will Benefit Both Customers and Businesses

In the past two years, millions of customers have not had any reason to visit their banks. While the pandemic played a major role in this behavioural shift, just as critical was the rapid acceptance of smartphone-based innovative payment solutions.


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