Key Highlights

Innovative offerings coupled with our wide network and technological capabilities have allowed us to stand out in the space

  • Grassroot Services

    Manipal Business Solutions through its robust and secure platform along with last mile connectivity provide deep penetration of services into the country’s rural populace

  • Presence Across Nation

    Through our network of Business Correspondents we service 20,400 + villages including Eastern & North-Eastern geographies.

  • Technological Connect

    We harness the power of UIDAI, NSDL, CERSAI and other compliance services to provide end to end customer validation and onboarding solution

  • Gold backed Borrowing through SahiBandhu™

    Gold ornament backed loans ensure the best of both worlds for the borrower and the lender, with gold being a safe asset class and the easiest option for short term needs

  • Digital Payments platform through SahiPay®

    Integrated Digital Payments platform focused towards tier 2 and tier 3 cities to facilitate banking services and payments across any digital channels

Our Success Stories

Our products have helped individuals and businesses achieve their goals by providing the the tools they require at their fingertips. Here are some our customers and how our products and services have improved their businesses and lives

Our Services

Individual and Business centric services covering multiple verticals and with wide reaching potential

  • The rural masses will get access to basic banking services like Account Opening, Cash WIthdrawals and Deposits, , balance enquiry and Mini statement of account; all which can be accessed through Aadhaar-based fingerprint authentication.
  • Helps in more effective distribution of subsidies
  • Creating banking mediums in underbanked areas
  • Invested heavily in technology to be the backbone in our mission

Financial Inclusion

Manipal Business Solutions is making strides in its efforts to make financial products and banking services accessible and affordable to all individuals and businesses around the country especially in the Rural hinterlands of India

  • Ultra-thin branches with Rural Branch management in areas where Bank’s cant/needn’t set-up in brick & mortar Branch
  • End-to-end management including well-trained manpower to manage these branches and facilitate Banking services
  • Fixed Monthly Cost for the Bank Per REB Per Month
  • Complies with Urban: Rural ratio of 1:3

Rural Extension Branches

Service points created very similar to Bank’s own branch to provide Banking Services where Banks cannot set-up their own Branches.

  • Offering banks a robust framework to provide banking services to customers
  • Emphasises convenience above all else without compromising on security
  • Representatives rigorously trained to offer a seamless experience to the banks’ end-customers

Doorstep Banking

Our network of BCs provide partner banks the ability to offer their customers full service banking at the convenience of their home

  • With seamless integrations, verification and processing times are cut down significantly
  • Centralised and automated systems reduces staffing costs
  • Bank grade Maker-Checker process to simplify KYC compliance
  • One stop shop solution covering every aspect of the onboarding process from initial contact to fulfillment
  • Can be customised across any form factors and mode of Acquisition- Branch, Mobile, Tab, Kiosk, Web, etc.

Customer Acquisition Solution

Turnkey solution offering a full range of integrations into government and private services to make customer onboarding and support frictionless and cost effective

  • Integrated and Unified Digital Platform to take care of all Digital Payments, Banking Services and Value-added Services
  • Commission-based Alternate Revenue Model, Supporting employment generating opportunities and entrepreneurship specifically in youth in Rural and Semi-urban geographies
  • Services are tailored specifically to meet the needs and requirements of the customers catered through this platform and merchants network.


Digital payment accepting platform catering to MSMEs and single vendor businesses. Integrates with multiple payment channels while providing multiple value additions

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