Digital Onboarding Innovation

Turnkey onboarding solution providing seamless access to the the country’s major verification and processing systems without compromising on you and your customers security

  • Reduced Turnaround Time

    With real-time integrations into customer verification and banking systems representatives can verify and process your customers faster than ever

  • Cost Efficient

    By providing a turnkey verification and onboarding solution, you will not have to pay for multiple solutions for each part of the process

  • Improved Process

    Covering the entire onboarding process, we are able to minimize inefficiencies by streamlining bottleneck points.

  • Higher Compliance

    Real-time Integrations into major core banking and card management systems along with Government services like UIDAI, NSDL and CERSAI give CAS best-in-class compliance.

  • Compatible across Channels

    Multiple form-factors for seamless customer onboarding through Web, Mobile, Tab, Micro-ATM, Kiosks, etc. to eliminate physical restrictions faced by representatives during the onboarding process

  • Increased Business

    With an innovative and frictionless digital onboarding process perfectly suited to the burgeoning needs of the BFSI sector

Supported Industries

A driving force for a number of business verticals in the BFSI industry and private corporate entities


Automation and Digitization of the entire account opening process with a meticulous KYC & CKYC process handling in order to achieve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and have better turn-around. resulting in faster customer onboarding


e-KYC and CKYC solutions through integration with UIDAI along with backend application processing in a completely SAAS based model Mutual Funds.

Mutual Funds

Real-time PAN verification through integration with NSDL and frictionless customer onboarding ensures a quick and hassle-free onboarding solution

Corporate Entities

Onboarding through multi form- factors along with Multiple level data correctness and Quality check along with process automation ensures quicker service while drastically bringing down the cost of customer acquisition

Our Solution

CAS has been tailored to solve the pain points faced by the BFSI sector and corporate entities during their onboarding process


Subpar client experience across age groups affecting customer acquisition

KYC compliance is a major challenge due to Data Inaccuracy & Duplicate Customer Ids

Entire onboarding Process was Decentralized with more control in Branches

Turn around time is over 7 days from Onboarding till Fulfilment



Adopted PHIGITAL strategy: Digital for Gen Y & Z Retain older ones through Multi-Form factor of Acquisition- Tab, Kiosk, Branch automation

Screening Process, KYC checks & Data Validation with Maker- Checker

Centralised, Automated & Streamlined entire process right from Onboarding till fulfillment

Managed entire CASA product portfolio bringing down TAT to under 8 Hours

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