About CrossFraud®

An AI powered system that helps in fraud detection and anti-money laundering.

CrossFraud® is an enterprise-wide product by Manipal Business Solution for fraud and risk management. It smartly blends business rules, data mining, statistical analysis, complex event processing and Integrated Scoring.

Value Proposition

High detection rates and low false positives
Scalable to match enterprise growth
Low cost of ownership without cutting back on essential fraud detection
Customer Risk Rating Framework

CrossFraud® Product Suite

Enterprise Fraud Risk Management Solution (EFRMS)

A Security, Audit and Fraud Monitoring solution driven by AI to detect and prevent fraud in real-time by transaction monitoring and customer profiling.

  • CrossFraud's EFRM System can detect fraud with great accuracy which means lower false positives and higher detection rate
  • CrossFraud's EFRM System can detect fraud with great accuracy which means lower false positives and higher detection rate
  • Finetune your FRM and List Lookup systems to serve you better (MIS)
  • Rich, interactive data with drill downs and visual displays with Key Risk Indicators and Link Analysis will improve your organization’s business intelligence
Anti-Money Laundering Solution (AMLS)

You can safeguard your financial institution against Money Laundering by using CrossFraud's sophisticated Anti-Money Laundering solution

  • CrossFraud helps in generation of compliance reports for FIU and case management
  • With Link Analysis, you can identify links and monitor related parties
  • CrossFraud’s AMLS monitors all transaction and behavioral related data of the customer and raises alerts when suspicious activity is found
  • Using the Model Builder, building blocks are made from multiple aspects of transactions, entity profiles and simple statistics to configure complex fraud patterns
Name Screening Solution (NSS)

A real-time and offline lookup tool to check whether a person is on any of the sanctions lists (UN, OFAC, WorldCheck, Dow Jones R&C etc.), PEP lists or bank-specific watch lists.

  • CrossFraud, with its List Management, is compatible with OFAC, UN, World-Check, Dow Jones, PEP or Bank-specific lists. You can activate and deactivate lists, and automatically upload latest lists
  • Highly Configurable identity markers and scoring methodology with an ability to define or redefine the risk rating procedure
  • Screen prospective customers against sanctions lists in real time during customer onboarding
  • An Advanced Fuzzy Matching system along with String comparison in multiple languages and Combined score from multiple sanctions lists ensures that your organization has most bases covered with up-to-date customer information
Customer Risk Rating Framework (CRRF)

A framework used in transaction risk scoring and pattern modelling for initial and on-going assessment of the risk rating of customers.

  • You can not only assess Customer Risk Rating (CRR) at the time of onboarding a new customer but also for existing customers prior to issuing a credit card, sanctioning loans and advances, increasing limits on withdrawal, etc.
  • It provides static risk rating which is demography-based and dynamic risk rating which is transaction-based rating
  • Given the high configurability of the system, you can configure key risk indicators and define Customer Risk Rating (CRR) methodology
  • It can be used in transaction risk scoring and fraud modelling
Help secure Yourself and your Customers

CrossFraud helps analyse and mitigate risks using AI to detect and report anomalies in your data

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